Working Again!

So, my last post was awhile ago, discussing how I intended to start my own MMO-style demo in order to prove my programming capabilities. Ironically, the reason for the delay in posting since then has been – I got a job!

Even more ironically, it’s with a MMO mobile company – exactly the kind of product I discussed developing in my last post. One Thumb Mobile are a development company based in Glasgow, UK, that have been developing the module MMO game ‘Celtic Heroes’ for several years now. It’s a highly successful game, on both IOS and Android, and as a Senior Programmer my job will be to help develop and evolve the code-base for future plans.

So, the last few weeks have been a blur of activity: marking my students work, then exhibiting their work at the show, while finishing my own degree module, as well as visiting Glasgow several times to organise a flat etc. Whilst I await broadband at my flat, I can at last start to think a bit more about my own projects.

No major changes at this point: mostly because nothings been done yet! I am re-considering my thoughts about using nodeJS/JS for the server backend – Golang is an option I’m considering. Performance of Go appears to be better than Node, and the language is attracting a lot of interest in various arenas at the moment. At some point, I will need to spend some time utilizing both to come to a decision.  Client-wise, I’m happy to stick with the Unity architecture of my original post – I’m still pondering the graphic-style. Isometric games seem quite commonplace, and I’m not yet convinced how easy it would be to generate assets.

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