Why I left Facebook

I’ve never been comfortable will sharing details about myself online – as someone who grew up pre-Internet, I’m probably considered old-fashioned these days to be concerned about privacy issues. The lack of public response to the Snowden revelations in the UK suggest few people are really concerned about it.

My issue with the social media sites (and it’s not limited to Facebook), is the lack of control over what you post up. As I often remind my students, once its online anyone can see it – now and in the future. Companies such as Google, Facebook, YouTube, etc., make millions by selling advertising based upon the data generated by the users. As one of those users, I don’t want to expose myself to customized adverts – I’d rather not be exposed to them at all. The ability to use these sites for free, has come at the cost of our own privacy: and I’m not prepared to give that away so freely.

I’ve slowly been moving my online presence onto my own hosted platforms – so for instance, using OwnCloud rather than Dropbox. Balancing convenience against privacy and data concerns is frustrating, but for me, worthwhile.

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