Still Mighty Delightful: Shelter Generations Releases On Switch


Might & Delight’s Shelter series has been out for a while, but a recent port to the Nintendo Switch warrants another look, thanks to some very subtle new features and the chance to quite literally carry these lovely games close to your heart – which is where they belong.

Shelter Generations collects Shelter 2 and its spin-off Paws and their soundtracks, as well as the “living books” Fables From the Den and The Lonesome Fog in one nice package. Alas, the first Shelter’s badger family gets left out but still, this is a very good collection.

Shelter 2 puts the fate of a lynx family in your hands. Playing as the mother, you have to nurture and raise your cubs to adulthood. However, the world outside can be a scary place and lots of dangers await. The game feels fairly open, with a variety of terrain to explore. It basically lets you play however you want and tugs on your heartstrings whenever one of your cubs is in danger.

Paws, on the other hand, is a self-contained, fairly linear little story of a lynx cub getting separated from its family and having all sorts of adventures on its way. It is sweet and sad and features some very light environmental puzzle solving. But you’re mostly here for the cute animals, I know.

The Switch port doesn’t really add anything except for portability and a very soft vibration when you’re moving around. This might just be a tiny addition, but it adds so much to the experience! It’s like feeling the world beneath your paws. If you haven’t played these wonderful, unique games yet, this collection is the ideal way of making up for it.

You can purchase Shelter Generations from the Nintendo eShop for $19.99. The individual games are also available from GOG and Steam. For more information, visit Might & Delight’s website and follow them on Twitter.

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