Business Software Development – Old vs. New

I’ve recently made the decision to try and break out of the computer games industry, into business software. Mostly, due to a lack of jobs in my current part of the UK, but also I’m frustrated by the lack of stability in games at the moment.

Software tools such as .NET, C#, ASP.NET, T-SQL etc seem very much the skills in demand within development houses at the moment. Established software houses and business’ prefer long established, known solutions which have certifications and significant knowledge bases. Alongside this, start up development houses tend to focus on the newer, ‘sexy’ languages such as Go, node.js, HTML5 etc. Crossover of technologies does occur, but it’s interesting to observe how the programming paradigms shift depending on just how established the business actually is.

Of course, this doesn’t really help me much: so, for the moment I’m concentrating onĀ  those software solutions that seem to straddle the ‘Old vs. New’ line. T-SQL and Javascript seem to be the most ubiquitous solutions for database and web development at the moment, so I’m heading for those first.

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