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Back in the Programming Chair Again

An issue I've recently encountered with trying to move back into programming is the reluctance of companies to employ someone who hasn't been commercially developing for a while. Due to my lecturing, I've not been employed as a programmer for 5 years. A common theme I'm hearing in interview feedback is that companies need some reassurance as to my development capabilities. I can understand the … Continue Reading ››

Game server software – An overview of node.js

I've been doing some research into the type of solution used for server-side software - code that runs on a server, responding to multiple users requesting services/information/data from it at various times. In a game development scenario, this would be to respond with world information, game play logic changes, and downstream assets and resources as needed by the client software. This kind of software needs … Continue Reading ››

Why I left Facebook

I've never been comfortable will sharing details about myself online - as someone who grew up pre-Internet, I'm probably considered old-fashioned these days to be concerned about privacy issues. The lack of public response to the Snowden revelations in the UK suggest few people are really concerned about it. My issue with the social media sites (and it's not limited to Facebook), is the lack of … Continue Reading ››


I've decided to start documenting my thoughts, ideas and opinions on various subjects in my life on this blog. The main focus will be on technology - my journey in learning, developing and evolving my programming skills for the modern era. As an old-school game programmer, many of my skills are becoming somewhat redundant - so I'm going to be looking to evolve my learning … Continue Reading ››